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Author: Roger Whitney,

Version: 0.5


Adds a number command key operations. Perhaps most useful when running VW on a Mac with a one button mouse. VW 3 version works better with the Refactoring Browser, but functions without it.

The keystrokes

alt b (Browse)
Works in any text window. Select the name of a class, alt b (command on mac) opens a browser on the class

alt m (iMplementors)
Works in any text window. Select a method, alt m opens a bowser on all implementors of the method. Selection of binary and unary messages can have surrounding whitespace. If the selection contains a keyword message, the top level keyword message is extracted from the selection. For example if the selected text is:

			at: (x at: 5)
			put: (Array new: 12)

then the extracted method is at:put:. Select the above 3 lines of code and try it!

alt e (sEnders)
Same and alt m, but displays all senders of the message.

alt t (sTring)
Works in any text window, but requires the refactoring browser. Does nothing if refactoring browser is not loaded. Select any string, alt t will display all methods that contain text that matches the selected string. This takes a long time. I use this to find the code called by menus.

alt h (cHanges)
Is keystroke in Refactoring browser, is menu item in regular browser. This will open a change list on all the version of the current method. The first time alt h is used the entire .cha file is read, which can a while. The result is cached. The second time alt h is used, only the unread part of the .cha file is read. Cache is flushed when changes are condensed or by the expression :
SourceFileManager default resetChanges
Not clear if the caching is that useful. Let me know.
This process only shows the changes, so it does not list the version of the method in the .source file.

alt r (Recent)
Open a change list on the last 15 changes/doit. If a number is selected use it for the number of changes.

alt o (wOrkspace)
Open a workspace

alt O (wOrkspace)
Open a system workspace

alt u (sUnit)
Open TestRunner for SUnit

alt y ()
Open a new launcher, close the old one. Bad key, but all the good ones are taken

alt l (aLL)
Selects all the text in the window. Should be alt a but did not work on a mac.
alt s (Save)
Same as accept. Useful on macs and their one button mouse.

alt p
Same as print it. Useful on macs and their one button mouse.

alt i
Same as Inpsect it.

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