Grading the Project

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Grading the Project

You are to consider making the following two changes to the project:
a. Allow the user to change the size of the window containing the checker board and pieces. The board must remain completely visible in the window. This means that the board and the pieces must change size with the window.
b. The white and black checkers that start the game on the king row are special pieces. They follow the normal rules until they become kings. These special kings have two extra rules. First, during a move the special kings may move directly to the square they started the game on or to the square on which they became a king. Second, the special kings can jump over pieces of the same color. This can happen when the king is just moving or when the king is capturing a epic of the other color. The special king does not capture pieces of its color.

Your goal is to determine how hard it would be to make the changes, not to actually make them. Grade the project on the following two points:
1. Did the design documentation help you understand the program enough to determine where the program would need to be modified to make the above changes? How difficult was it to understand the documentation and the code?
2. How hard would it be to make the above changes in the code? How local are the changes? That is how many classes will have to be changed?

The possible grades are A, B, C, D, F. You are to give the grade and a brief reason for the grade. You do not have to return the student project. You will receive a grade on this assignment.