Comments on Project

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San Diego State University -- This page last updated December 2, 1995

What to turn in for the project

You need to turn in three separate copies of your project.

The project should contain:
Documented source code
Design Document
Table of contents (very useful if you have time)

The design document should contain:
Overview of Project
Class Documentation
The overview of project should contain:
What is your version one, that is what version(s) of checkers does the design cover
What features of the game does the design include
What part(s) of the design are implemented, which are not
A brief overview of the design. You have spend a lot of time on this project. You know it very well. Others do not.

The class documentation should contain items like:
Public protocols for each class
Collaborations of each class, this can be done via:
Collaborations graphs, subsystems, and contracts (This may be to advanced and too much work for people)
or Listing collaborations with responsibilities
Hierarchy graphs (if appropriate)

Documented source code
Please put the header files before the implementation file of a class
You may wish to consider placing all header files before the implementation files
Recall that more comments does not mean better comments. A review of the "Commenting Programs" might be useful