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Socket Options
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Java On-line API

VisualWorks Internet Client Developer's Guide, Socket Programming Chapter 2, docs/NetClientDevGuide.pdf in VW 7 distribution

Unix Network Programming, Stevens, 1990, Berkeley Sockets chapter 6.

TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1, Stevens, 1994, chapter 20.

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Socket Options

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Setting Socket Options - VisualWorks

One method to set standard TCP socket options

Uses Berkley sockets naming conventions

SocketAccessor>> setOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
      name: optionToSet
      value: optionValue.

setOptionsLevel: is always set to SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET

Values for name: are found in SocketAccessor class under constants-socket options protocol


| serverSocket |
serverSocket := SocketAccessor newTCPserverAtPort: 4444.
   setOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
   name: SocketAccessor SO_RCVBUF
   value: 56 * 1024.

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Reading Current Values

SocketAccessor>> getOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
      name: option

Returns result in a byte array

To interpret the bytes

   | childSocket rawBytes bufferSize |
   childSocket := SocketAccessor 
            newTCPclientToHost: ''
            port: 8008.
   rawBytes := childSocket 
            getOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
            name: SocketAccessor SO_RCVBUF.
   rawBytes changeClassTo: UninterpretedBytes.
   bufferSize := rawBytes longAt: 1.

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Socket will time out after specified time of inactivity

Java JDK 1.4 and later

Both Socket and ServerSocket class support:

void setSoTimeout(int timeoutInMilliseconds) throws SocketException
void getSoTimeout() throws SocketException

Must be sent before performing a read

Read throws SocketTimeoutException when socket times out

Not normally used on ServerSockets


Does not support SO_RCVTIMEO or SO_SNDTIMEO

Need to use non-stream access for timeouts

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Buffer Size

Each TCP socket has

Buffers are in the TCP stack space (not the VM)

Buffer size should:

TCP does not allow the sender to overflow the receiver’s buffer

So the receiver’s receive buffer as large as the sender’s send buffer

Buffers larger than 64KB require special set up

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Default Buffer Size

Depends on platform

Has changed over time

Receive buffer Size
Mac OS 10
32KB+ (33304 bytes)

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Setting the Buffer Size – VisualWorks

Setting the Receive buffer

aSocketAccesor setOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
   name: SocketAccessor SO_RCVBUF
   value: newBufferSize.

Setting the Send buffer

aSocketAccesor setOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
   name: SocketAccessor SO_SNDBUF
   value: newBufferSize.

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Setting the Buffer Size – Java

void setReceiveBufferSize(int size) throws SocketException
int getReceiveBufferSize() throws SocketException

void setSendBufferSize(int size) throws SocketException
int getSendBufferSize() throws SocketException

A Socket object has both a send & receive buffer

A ServerSocket only has a receive buffer

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Java Example

In this example the default buffer size will be fine

Setting the buffer size just to show how to do it

import java.util.Date;
public class ServerWithTimeout extends Thread {
   static final int CLIENT_TIMEOUT = 3 * 1000; // in milliseconds
   static final int BUFFER_SIZE = 16 * 1024;
   ServerSocket acceptor;
   public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
      int port = Integer.parseInt( args[1]);   
      ServerWithTimeout server = new ServerWithTimeout( port );
   public ServerWithTimeout(int port ) throws IOException {
      acceptor = new ServerSocket(port);
      acceptor.setReceiveBufferSize( BUFFER_SIZE );

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Java Example Continued

   public void run() 
      while (true) 
            Socket client = acceptor.accept();
            processRequest( client );
         catch (IOException acceptError)
            // for a later lecture
   void processRequest( Socket  client) throws IOException
         client.setReceiveBufferSize( BUFFER_SIZE);
         client.setSoTimeout( CLIENT_TIMEOUT);

Doc 15, Socket Options Slide # 12
Java Example Continued

   void processRequest(InputStream in,OutputStream out)
      throws IOException 
      BufferedReader parsedInput = null;
      PrintWriter parsedOutput = null;
         parsedInput = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(in));
         parsedOutput = new PrintWriter(out,true);
         String inputLine = parsedInput.readLine();
         if (inputLine.startsWith("date")) 
            Date now = new Date();
      catch (SocketTimeoutException clientTooSlow)
         parsedOutput.println("Connection timed out");

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Nagle’s Algorithm

Delays transmission of new TCP packets while any data remains unacknowledged

Allows TCP to merge data into larger packets before sending

Introduced to avoid lots of small packets across a WAN

Delay is on be default

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class Socket 
   void setTcpNoDelay(Boolean noDelay) throws SocketException
   void getTcpNoDelay() throws SocketException

Set noDelay to true to turn delay off


aSocketAccesor setOptionsLevel: SocketAccessor SOL_SOCKET
   name: SocketAccessor TCP_NODELAY
   value: delayValue.

Set delayValue to

or use the shorter method

aSocketAccesor tcpNoDelay: noDelay

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Linger on close

Determines what happens when a socket is closed

How long does the socket remain after close to

Default is to

Doc 15, Socket Options Slide # 16

Keep Alive

Send packet on inactive connection to prevent timeouts

At least 2 hour delay between sending keep alive packets

Long delay limits it usefulness

Doc 15, Socket Options Slide # 17

Urgent (Out of Band) Data

Urgent data can be read out of order

Java 1.4

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