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San Diego State University Java Library, parts © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 by:
Kent Beck & Erich Gamma (JUnit.),
Wes Biggs (gnu.regexp.*),
Gary Cornell and Cay S. Horstmann (,
Peter Proud-Madruga (doc.FixJavadoc)
Andrew Scherpbier (FormatString, io.ASCIIInputStream, net.CGI, jcgi),
Roger Whitney ( (all other classes),
All classes in the sdsu package, except, are distributed under Apache License 2.0. gnu.regexp is ditributed under the GNU license. The JUnit license is slightly different.

Direct questions about this library to If you would like to be notified of changes in the library subscribe to the sdsu-javalib mailing list. You can download the source of the library. See release notes for change history.


Javadoc Documentation for all classes

JUnit Documentation
JUnit Cookbook
    A cookbook for implementing tests with JUnit.
Test Infected - Programmers Love Writing Tests
    An article demonstrating the development process with JUnit.
JUnit - A cooks tour
Frequently asked questions
    Some frequently asked questions about using JUnit.

The sources for this library are also available:
  • ZIP file of source code
  • of compiled code
  • Jar file of compiled code
  • Tar file of source and compiled code

  • SDSU Library for Jdk1.4

    Jdk 1.4 adds assert as a reserved work. As a result versions of JUnit before 3.7 will not work in jkd 1.4 or later. JUnit is no longer combined with SDSU Java Library. This allows users to select which version of JUnit to use. To download JUnit go to
  • Jar file for JDK 1.4

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